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Exhibition space is expected to open in 2020

Photobook "KOCHETOV"

MOKSOP debuts with photobook “KOCHETOV” by father and son Victor and Sergey Kochetov

History and Analytics

Materials on history of Kharkiv, Ukrainian and international photography



The work on the project of Museum of Kharkiv School of Photography started in 2016. The whole process of work can be divided into three different directions. The first one is creating the collection itself – we had to find and gather the photographs, photo-related materials and artistіs’ archives. The second area of our focus consists of work with the acquired materials, including archival packaging, saving and digitizing them, as well as making catalogues. The third direction is creating a web-platform, so that wide audience could explore the objects of the collection and find all related information about the artworks and their authors.


The museum will have its own independent exhibition space. The restoration project of the building is being developed by A44 Architecture & Design Studio from Lviv.
The building of the museum is located by the railways, in a place that looks deserted and industrial, but also expressive, which perfectly matches the mood of Kharkiv photography. Museum’s distinct and contemporary visual identity style was created by Molto Bureau design studio. The restoration works are planned to be finished by the end of 2019.

Starting from November 2018 a few rooms of the building 17, Lizy Chaikinoi Lane have already accommodated our team for the work on the project. Recently we have acquired technical equipment for the museum and furniture for storing big-size prints. We expect that in a few weeks we will be fully ready to welcome visitors wishing to see the archive and photobook collection or discuss photo-related topics.


Was there sex in the USSR? How difficult was it to buy sausage back then? What is Horizontomania? MOKSOP debuts with photobook “KOCHETOV” by father and son Victor and Sergey Kochetov. Victor and Sergey created recognizable ironic style of seeing daily life, bringing “Lurik” photography tradition, popular in Kharkiv, to its aesthetic limits. The book includes photographs taken in 1970-2000.

History and Analytics:

Overpainted reality of Victor and Sergey Kochetovs

Overpainted reality of Victor and Sergey Kochetovs

It is not only pioneers who form a school, but also those, who adopt and consistently implement the new methods, who create art muscles surrounding the skeleton of ideas, techniques and instruments.

Collage panopticon of Sergey Solonsky

Collage panopticon of Sergey Solonsky

As most of the colleagues, Solonsky has his personal myth: probably, one of the influential facts in his biography was the succession of the practice – the artist’s grandfather made a living with photography and had a laboratory Sergey was allowed to visit.

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Sergiy Lebedynskyy

Sergiy Lebedynskyy

CEO, founder

Ania Nałęcka-Milach

Ania Nałęcka-Milach

Photobook Designer

(photo credit: Marek Szczepański)

Oleksandra Osadcha

Oleksandra Osadcha

Administrator, Curator

Alexandr Parhomenko

Alexandr Parhomenko

Darkroom Master

Nadia Kovalchuk

Nadia Kovalchuk

Researcher, Curator

Victoria Bronza

Victoria Bronza

PR and communication

Vladyslav Krasnoshchok

Vladyslav Krasnoshchok

Political instructor


Art gallery Come In


Manometr Factory LLC

Sponsor of the project

Web studio Space Nerd

Website production and support

A44 Architecture & design studio

MOKSOP reconstruction project

Molto Bureau

MOKSOP Identity design

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Lizy Chaikinoi Lane 17
61052 Kharkiv

By public transport: The nearest metro stations is Pivdenny vokzal (Kholodnohirsko–Zavodska Line). To get to the museum from the station take a short walk of 700 metres along the railways to the south.

Dear visitors,
MOKSOP exhibition space is currently under construction. But we would be glad to ask any questions and provide the information considering our archive. Please email to:

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