Daniil Russov

Daniil Russov (b. 1997, Vinnytsia)—a Ukrainian documetalist photographer. In 2015-2019, studied at the University of Wrocław at the department of journalistics, majouring in “Documentary cinema and photography.” In his graduation thesis he researched the archetypes of romantic character in the cinematographic piece of a German film director, screenwriter and actor Werner Herzog.
Russov got interested in the photography through his passion for cinematography. Has been practicing the former actively since 2018. Mostly works withing documentary (reportage) and portrait genre.

2022 — “Коріння. Документальна фотовиставка / Roots. Documentary Photo Exhibition”, Avangarden gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (curaotrs — Heorhii Ivanchenko, Taras Fedorenko, Alia Siehal)

Руссов, Даниїл [Russov, Daniil]. “Запорізький військовий госпіталь очима фотожурналіста”. Kolo.news, May 16, 2022. https://kolo.news/category/photos/31643.


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