Yulia Kazban

Yulia Kazban (1983, Sumy) — photographer, raised and residing in Russia. Studied biology at Saratov State University. Got interested in painting. Has been practicing analogue photography since 2005. Produces images in traditional black and white and lith-print techniques.
Solo exhibitions:

2016 — «Shasows», the Kickplate Project, Bargoed, Wales


Group exhibitions:

2013 — “As You Like It”, the Kickplate Project, Abertillery, Wales

2014 — “dall’Esterno”, the Kickplate Project, Naples, Italy

2015 — “Memorie dal Carcere”, ART.17, Civitavecchia, Italy

2016 — “Bare Skin”, Misfits Project, Chieti, Italy

2017 – “CHRONOTOPE”, Studioegallery, Seattle, USA

2017 – “longitude”, the Kickplate Project, Pontypool, Wales

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