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24x30 cm
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On the verso side: inscription “Е. Павлов”

About the artist


Evgeniy Pavlov (1949, Kharkiv)—one of the foudners of the Kharkiv school of photography. In 1967-1972 studied at the department of Economy ar the O.M. Gorky Kharkiv State Univseristy (the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University today). As a student, became a participant of the regional photo club at the Trade Unions’ Amateur Arts House, where met authors with whom in the early 1970s founded the Vremia photographic group (Oleg Maliovany, Boris Mikhailov, Oleksandr SitnichenkoOleksandr Suprun, Gennadiy Tublaev, later—Anatoliy Makiyenko). Created The Violin (1972)—one of the seminal series for the group. Worked as the head of the photolab at the Sitenko Kharkiv Research Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology. After completing his military service, studied for cinema operator at the Kyiv State Theater Karpenko-Kary University (1974-1979).

Experimented with a wide range of techniques—from colour skides and overlays (Orwochrome series, 1974-1987) to collages and hand-colouring in the late 1980s – early 1990s (Archive series, 1988, Total photography, 1990-1994). Cooperation with a painter Volodymyr Shaposhnykov was an important episode in his creative career: it resulted in several series of handcoloured photography—Common Field (1996), Parnography (1998), Another Heaven (2007). Today the artist is the senior lecturer at the department of Television at the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture.

Photo credits—Vladyslav Krasnoschok, 2013.

Solo exhibitions: 

1988—House of Cinema, Kyiv, Ukraine

1988—Kharkiv art museum, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1990—Armmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

1991—city council, Кельн, Germany

1991—“Contemporary Soviet Photographers” (together with Guennadi Maslov and Oleksandr Suprun), Центр сучасного мистецтва, Цинциннаті, USA

1993—Lichtblick art gallery, Colonge, Germany

1993—Kharkiv art museum, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1994—“Тотальна фотографія,” “Український засів” gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine,

1994 —Cypriana Majernika gallery, International month of photography, Bratislava, Slovenia

1995—Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA

1995—“Тотальна фотографія,” Kyiv Fortress museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

1996—“Спільне поле” (with V. Shaposhnykov), House of Artist, Kharkiv, Ukraine  (curator—Tetiana Pavlova)

1997—“Спільне поле” (with V. Shaposhnykov), “Ателье Карась” gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine  (curator—Tetiana Pavlova)

1998—“Натюрморти” (with V. Shaposhnykov), “Палітра” gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1998—“Парнографія” (with V. Shaposhnykov), Kharkiv art museum, Kharkiv, Ukraine  (curator—Tetiana Pavlova)

1998—Poltava art museum, Полтава, Ukraine

1999—“Затмение,” “Палітра” gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1999—“The photography of Eugene Pavlov and Olexandr Suprun,” “Wolf” photogallery, Cincinnati, USA

2000—“Detonation of hippy-end,” Kharkiv academic theater of opera and ballet, Kharkiv, Ukraine (curator—Tetiana Pavlova)

2001—“Shutup!,” “Палітра” gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine (curator—Tetiana Pavlova), Kharkiv, Ukraine

2002 —Bastejs gallery, Riga, Latvia

2003—“Другое небо” (with V. Shaposhnykov), International biennale of photography, headquarters of the National Unions of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

2004—“Інше небо” (with V. Shaposhnykov), Municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2005—“Проникливість Бонапарта” (with V. Shaposhnykov), Kyiv Photo Month, National University Of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine curator—Tetiana Pavlova)

2006—“АВЕК” gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2007—“Очі – вікна оселі,” International biennale of photograph, Museum of history, Lviv, Ukraine

2008—“Боб-фест,” Kharkiv, Ukraine (curator—Andrii Avdieienko)

2009—Centre of art criticism “Академія,” Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2011—“Double Elvis” gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2013—“Home Life Book,” “Гайдай” studio, Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 —“Сімейний альбом,” “Карась” gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2017—“Евгений Павлов. Тотальная фотография,” COME-IN art gallery,  Kharkiv, Ukraine

2017—“Хроніки тотальної фотографії,” International interdisciplinary festival GOGOLFEST 2017, Dovzhenko centre, Kyiv, Ukraine (curator—Tetiana Pavlova)

2017—“Євгеній Павлов, Тетяна Павлова. Метод: Тотальна фотографія,” part of Interventsia project, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (curators—Yurii Polishchuk, Yurii Veselskyi)

2018—“Chroniques de la Photographie totale,” Cultural and information centre of Ukrainian Embassy in France, Paris, France

2019—“Yevgeniy PAVLOV: La Photographie Totale,” Little Odessa Gallery, Paris, France

2019—“Freedom Street”, Set art-space, Kyiv, Ukraine (curator—Maria Vtorushina)


Group exhibitions

1983—Vremia group exhibition,  House of Scientists, Kharkiv, USSR

1987—“Ф-87” (F-87), Palace of Students of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Kharkiv, USSR

1988—“Ф-88”, Palace of Students of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Kharkiv, USSR

1988—Vremia group exhibition, Photovacacie festival, Bulgaria

1988—“New Soviet Photography,” виставка-тур, Finland, Sweden, Denmark

1988—виставка групи “Время,” “Photovacacie” International Festival, Bulgaria

1989—“Выставка американских, эстонских и харьковских фотографов,” Moscow, RFSR

1989—“Фотографии– 150,” Central House of Artist, Moscow, RFSR

1989—“Charkov in Cheb,” gallery “4,” Cheb, Czech Republic

1990—“Exhibition of Kharkiv’s photographers,” галерея “4,” Cheb, Czech Republic

1991—“Photoexhibition,” Centre for Photography, Stockholm, Sweden

1992—“Past/present: Photography from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts,” Houston, USA

1993—“Kharkiv Photography,” Museum of Industrial Culture, Nuremberg, Germany

1994—“Искусство современной фотографии: Россия, Украина, Беларусь,” Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia (curator—Evgeny Berezner)

1995—“Multiple Exposures: Ukrainian Photography Today,” Rutgers Art Center, Zimmerly Museum, New Jersey, USA

1997—“The Art of Contemporary photography in Eastern Europe,” Museum Ken Damy, Brescia, Italy

1999—“The Exhibition of the Ukrainian Art,” Museum of modern Russian Art, New Jersey, USA

1999—“Сarte blanche a Boris Mikhailov,” Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

2000—“Фото и Видео. Харьков – 1960 – 90е,” “Soviart” contemporary art centre, Kyiv, Ukraine (curators—Andrii Avdieienko and Tetiana Pavlova)

2000—Museum of contemporary Ukrainian art, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine

2001—“Проект: Музей Фотографии,” Municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine (curator—Tetiana Pavlova)

2002—“Культурний герой,” Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2003—“Kharkiv’s Photography,” municipal gallery “Arsenal,” Poznan, Poland

2003—“Перша колекція,” Central House of Artist, Kyiv, Ukraine

2003—“Фотография 70-х годов,” International biennale of photography gallery, “Гончари” gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2004—“A Touring Ukrainian Photography Exhibit from Kharkiv ‘Dialogue: Mentors and their Students,” Elkins exhibition hall, Cincinnati, USA (curator—Bill Devis)

2004—“Fotograficy z Charkowa,” “Arsenał” municipal gallery, Poznan, Poland (curator—Tatyana Tumasyan)

2004—“Фотоэстафета: от Родченко до наших дней,” Moscow House of Photography Московський будинок фотографії, Москва, Росія (куратори—Yurii Rybchynskyi and Eduard Hladkov)

2005—“Photography from Ukraine,” West Michigan University, Kalamazoo, USA

2007—Eastern European Festival, Art museum, Cincinnati, USA

2008-2009—“Behind Walls – Eastern Europe before and beyond 1989,” в рамках Noorderlicht Photofestival, Fries Museum, Leeuwarden, Netherlands (curator—Wim Melis)

2011—“The Drawing lessons: Ukrainian Photography,” International festival of photography PIP, Pingyao, China (curator—Misha Pedan and Irina Chmyrova)

2012—“Perestroika, Liberalization and Experimentation (1980s-2010),” FotoFest 2012 Biennale, Houston, USA (curator—Iryna Chmyrova, Irina Chmyrova, Evgeny Berezner, Natalia Tarasova)

2012—“Харківська школа фотографії. Уроки малювання. Українська фотографія. 1890 – 2010 рр.,” the First Kyiv Biennial of Contemporary Art “Arsenale-2012,” Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine (curator—Misha Pedan and Irina Chmyrova)

2013—“Акт неповиновения. Тело как протест в харьковской фотографии 1970-2010 гг.” (Act of Disobedience. Body as a Protest in Kharkiv Photography of 1970s-2010s) , Lumiere brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, Russia (curator – Katerina Zuyeva)

2014— “Biografie II – Wir,” Fotogalerie Wien, Viena, Austria (curators—Elke Krasny, Susanne Gamauf)

2015—“Харьковская школа фотографии: от советской цензуры к новой эстетике” (part IІ), municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine (curator—Igor Manko)

2017—“Харків. 18+,” Odesa//Batumi Photo Days 2017, Museum of Modern art of Odesa, Odesa, Ukraine (curator—Sergiy Lebedynskyy)

2017—“Un homme chapitre VI. La Mer Noire,” Romanian cultural institute, Paris, France (curator—Camilo Racana)

2017—“Песня о буревестнике. Краткий курс,” V Odesa biennale, Odesa, Ukraine, Ukraine (curator—Tatyana Tumasyan)

2017—“Місто ХА. Харків Авангардний: Проект-дослідження,” National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, Харків (curators—Tatyana Tumasyan, Sergey Bratkov)

2017—“Дослідницька платформа: Анонімне суспільство,” PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine (curator—Tetiana Kochubinska)

2017—“Український архетип,” Photo Kyiv 2017 fair, “Торонто-Kyiv” complex, Kyiv, Ukraine

2018—“École photographique de Kharkiv,” MOCA Kherson, Kherson, Ukraine (куратор—Victoria Bavykina)

2018—“Політика тіла. Харківська фотографія із колекції родини Гриньових,” “Maslo gallery, Khmelnytskyi, “Jump” gallery, Poltava, “Паланок” palace, “СлободаКульт” art forum, Mukachevo, Ukraine

2018—“Швидкорозчинний час,” Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

2019—“Харківська школа фотографії з колекції сім’ї Гриньових,” Mironova Foundation gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (curator—Victoria Bavykina)

2019—“Palette of Pain,” Tbilisi Art Fair 2019, Expo Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia (curator—Roman Pyatkovka)

2019—“UPHA Made in Ukraine,” AKT art space, Kyiv, Ukraine (curators—Victoria Bavykina, Maksim Horbatskiy, Yarolsav Solop, art director—Misha Buksha)

2019—“Перетинаючи межу” (Crossing lines), PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine (curators—Björn Geldhof, Martin Kiefer, Alicia Knock)

2019—“Перетинаючи межу / Crossing Lines, PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine (curators—Björn Geldhof, Martin Kiefer, Alicia Knock)

2021—“Автор у грі / Artist in the Game”, YermilovCentre, Kharkiv, Ukraine (curators—Sergiy Lebedynskyy, Oleksandra Osadcha, Nadiia Bernard-Kovalchuk)

2021—“Відкрита можливість / An Open Opportunity” M17 Contemporary Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine (curators—Oleksandr Soloviov, Viktoria Bavykina)

2021—“Чутливість / Sensitivity”, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine, (curators—Maksym Gorbatskyi, Solomia Savchuk, Oleksandr Soloviov)

2021—“Blowing the Medium: the Kharkiv School of Photography”, as a part of Kharkiv Year in Brno, Brno, Czech Republic (curator—Oleksandra Osadcha)

2021—“Наші в Помпіду / Ours at Pompidou”, Henryk Siemiradzki Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine (curator—Marina Konieva)

2022—”Once Upon the War in Kharkiv”, Galerie nomade Alexandra De Viveiros, Paris, France (curator — Alexandra De Viveiros-Kalinina)

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