Nadiia Bernard-Kovalchuk, «Kharkivsʹka shkola fotohrafiyi: hra proty aparatu» (Ukrainian edition)


The book reveals multiple sources and experimental nature of the photographic work of one of the brightest phenomena in the Ukrainian contemporary art: the Kharkiv School of Photography. In the Soviet underground, under the ruins of the empire or on the Kyiv barricades, the Kharkiv photography has been defined by irony, a critical view on the photographic medium and loning for the collective action for more than half a century. The design and the first edition were funded by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.


Second edition, 2020
Publisher: MOKSOP,
Text: Nadiia Bernard-Kovalchuk 
Editors: Olena Chervonyk, Valentyna Klymenko
Proofreading: Olena Podorozhnya
Production partners: RED ZET Publishing
Design, layout: Uliana Bychenkova, Nika Kudynova
Publication manager: Sergiy Lebedynskyy
ISBN: 978-3-947922-05-5 
Print run: 900 copies
Format: 214×164 mm
Volume: 368 pages

The Museum of Kharkiv School of Photography would like to thank for the support to everyone, who helped creating the book:
Vita and Boris Mikhailov, Andriy Avdeenko, Sergey Bratkov, Tetiana and Boris Grynov, Tetiana Driukov, Viktor and Sergey Kochetov, Vladyslav Krasnoshchok, Oleg Maliovany, Anatoliy Makiyenko, Igor Manko, Titiana and Evgeniy Pavlov, Misha Pedan, Roman Pyatkovka, Elena, Aleksandr and Konstantin Rupin, Olga Sitnichenko, Sergiy Solonsky, Oleksandr Suprun.

The second edition was funded by Manometr Factory LCC. The design and the first edition were funded by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.


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