Igor Chogol

Igor Chogol (b. 2000, Kharkiv) —a Kharkiv photographer. Real name—Ihor Chehlokov. Got interested in photographic practices in 2016. In 2018-2019 studied at the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics but soon dropped out. Attended the course of conceptual photography organised by Roman Pyatkovka. In 2021 he enrolled in the studio of Ivars Gravlejs at the FAVU VUT (Department of Fine Arts of the Czech Technical University, Brno, Czech Republic). Mainly works with analogue photography, both black and white, experimenting with lith print technique, and colour one. In 2021, together with Oleksii Chystotin created Truba [Pipe] Group.

Portrait by Oleksii Chystotin.

Group shows:

2019 — group show, “Арт-Причал” gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2020 — “Ревізії: виставка Chekachkov Photo Academy / Revisions: Exhibition of Chekachkov Photo Academy”, YermilovCentre, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2021 — “What is Experimental?”, “Космос” Studio, Kyiv, Ukraine

2021 — “Галерея Неотодрешь / WontTearItOff Gallery” project, Lysychansk and Severodonetsk, Ukraine

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