Kharkiv regional photoclub

Kharkiv regional photoclub was an institution established in 1965 at the Trade Union House of Amateur Arts Unions, located at Hamarnyka st., 12. One of its initiators was Herman Driukov. In parallel with regional photoclub there was a photoclub at the Palace of Culture of KhEMZ, headed by Volodymyr Rusynovskyi, and a photo studio at the Palace of Culture of Constructors, ran by Volodymyr Hryhorov.

The very idea of such organization was in the general tendency of photoclub movement in the USSR, which emerged in the mid-1950s together with activisation of the interest towards photography among so-called ‘amateurs’. This movement was aimed at both stimulation and regulation of the practice.

The activity of Kharkiv regional photoclub, similar to photoclubs in other republics of the country, was shaped around weekly meetings, where members of the club discussed technical and aesthetic issues of photography, presented and reviewed their works, prepared exhibitions. In 1975, the club was headed by the participants of the Vremia group – Oleksandr Sitnichenko (the head) and Jury Rupin (the secretary). Anatoliy Makiyenko, Oleksandr Suprun, Boris Mikhailov were appointed as members of the art council, together with Driukov and Anatoliy Kuznetsov. In 1975 [1] or 1976 [2] Kharkiv regional photoclub was dismissed due to the scandal, in which Vremia group was involved. After that the House of Amateur Artists had a photo studio, where Viktor Kochetov worked as inscturctor.

In 1980s there were several photoclubs in Kharkiv, namely, the regional photoclub at the House of Amateur Artists, reestablished in 1983, and “Semafor” photoclub at the Palace of Culture of Railroad. In the late 1980s, the photoclub at the Palace of Students of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute became an important centre of local photographic life. The idea was suggested by Oleksandr Sitnichenko, Kostiantyn Melnyk and Misha Pedan, who consequently became the head of the organization. The opening was supported by FED factory – one of the hugest producers of cameras in the USSR, but soon the Palace of students became the club’s location. Two major shows, curated by Misha Pedan, were held there – “Ф-87” та “Ф-88” united works by Kharkiv photographers from different generations – from those of the elder generation (Vremia group, Viktor Kochetov) to the new names (Roman Pyatkovka, Sergiy Solonsky, Igor Manko, Volodymyr Starko, Leonid Piesin, Hryhorii Okun, Volodymyr Bysov, Oleh Hrunzovskyi and others).

Photo credit — Anatolii Kuznetsov, date unknown. From the archive of Jury Rupin’s family.

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1972 — exhibitoin of Kharkiv regional photoclub, Kharkiv, USSR

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