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30x45 cm
The photographer's private archive
Additional notes
“I purchased firearm to protect my family and it stayed in the safe unused for a while. I did’t know what to do with it. Now I practice and attend seminars for guns owners. It became my hobby today. The more I practice, the less my confidence that I will ever apply a gun against a human. Have you ever seen a metal target after the real shot from shotgun? It looks terrifying. Even when shooting at а target you realize it can be a human. I'll avoid the use of a gun at any cost. Only in extremely dangerous case will fire.” Alexander, 39 years old, entrepreneur, posing in his apartment in Kiev with shotgun, which he bought 2012 to protect his family.
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On the verso side: inscription “Андрей Ломакин, ‘Амулет’, 2015, 1/5”

Key words
climbing framefirearmman

About the artist


Andriy Lomakin (1974, Pripyat) — Ukrainian photographer. In 1999 graduated from Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on the faculty of electronic engineering. Practices mixed martial arts, gave up sports because of traumas. Worked as a photographer at a sport magazine. Since 2008 till 2014 was a staff photographer of Tyzhden magazine. In 2014 starts switches to his personal freelance projects. They are aimed at the research of the social landscape of Ukraine, combining documentary photography and working with archives (Forgotten Victories, Two Lives). Winner of “Photographer of the Year” grand-prix (2017) for the Amulet series (2015), and Allard Prize for Maidan Revolt (2014).

Photo credit – Alexandr Chekmenev

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2005 — “Київ, 24 години”, “Ра” gallert, Kyiv, Ukraine

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2013 — multimedia screening programme “Пам’ять”, as a part of “Візії” festival, Mueum “Kyiv Fortress”, Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 — screening as a part of Tbilisi Photofestival, Tbilisi, Georgia

2013 — 3rd place in “Фотограф року”, contest Kyiv, Ukraine

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2014 — “Євромадйан: власна історія”, 8 bit Gallery, Kyiv. Ukraine (curator — Khrystyna Shestak)

2015 — 2nd place in “Фотограф року”, Kyiv, Ukraine

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2015 — screening as a part of “WORLD PRESS PHOTO ’15”, Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 — screening as a part of “Photo Kathmandu 2015”, Kathmandu, Nepal

2016 — screening as a part of Odessa//Batumi Photo Days 2016 programme, Batumi, Georgia

2016 — 2nd place in NPPA Best of Photojournalism” contest, Portrait & Personality (Single) category

2016 — International festival Photometria International Festival, Ioannina, Greece

2016 — solo exhibition, IZOLYATSIA, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 — screening “The Collective Unconscious project”, Chiang Mai Month of Photography, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2016 —Photo Romania festival, Durgau-Valea Sarata, Romania

2017 — Gran-prix of “Фотограф року” contest, Kyiv, Ukraine

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2019 — “UPHA Made in Ukraine”, AKT art space, Kyiv, Ukraine (curators — Victoria Bavykina, Maksim Horbatskiy, Yarolsav Solop, art director — Misha Buksha)

2019 — winner of “Eastern Partnership”, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany

2019 — Х International Biennale “Phodar”, Sofia, Bulgaria

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