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Act XX
40x29,5 cm
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on the verso side: circled figure “4” in the upper right corner; in the lower left corner – title “Akt XIX”. Below the title – roundish stamp “Krakiwskie Towarzystwo Fotografizcne VENUS 1976 Akt-Portret Krakow” and stamp “СССР, 310003, г Харьков-3, А. Я. 185, РУПИН ЮРИЙ К. | USSR 310003, Charkov-3, P. O. Box 185, RUPIN JURIJ K.” and two stamps to the right “[…unclear] Krakiwskie Towarzystwo Fotografizcne VENUS-76 Ekspozycj[….] zecinie Zamek Książąt Pomorskich Grudzien 1976” та “VIІ INTERNATIONAL SALON OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ART NUDE STUDIES and PORTRAIT VENUS-76 – AKT I PORTRET / KRAKOWSKIE TOWARZYSTWO FOTOGRAFIZCNE […] Ewudencja wplywu / L.p. 791; Nr autoro 250; Punkty – Nagorody 8; Nr katalogu 346”

About the artist

Act XX

Jury Rupin (1946, Lyman, USSR – 2008, Vilnius, Lithuania) — photographer, one of the founders of Vremia photographic group. Got his first photocamera in 1958. In 1961-1965 attended Slaviansk technical college. Served in the military in 1965-1968, after which graduates from Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (1969-1974). Enrolled in the Kharkiv regional photoclub at the House of Amateur Artists of trade Unions around 1970-1971 (his name is absent in the journal of photoclub from 1965-1969). At that period meets future members of Vremia group.

In his practice of 1970s Rupin favoured experimental photography and photographics. He was one of the first Kharkiv authors to master colour photography, both for commercial purposes and for art photography, amplifying the dramatic effects of images. Despite nude imagery was tabooed in the Soviet Union, it is this genre that mostly draws the master’s attention. Both male (Sauna series, 1972), and female body allows him to create images of the most abstract notions (“Anxiety, 1973) in the traditions, shaped up within international photography salons. His most bold graphic experiments tend towards abstract language (“Birch trees”, not dated).

According to his autobiographic novel Photographer’s Diary, published in the late 2000s together with other literature works by the author, his photocollage “Night” (1974) was the reason for the dismissal of the photoclub in 1975 or 1976/ In 1979-1985 studies History of Art at Repin Leningrad institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. In 1989 moved together with his family to Vilnius and opened first private gallery “MRK” in Tallinn, Estonia, which worked for three years (1990-1993). In 1990s abandoned art photography and focused on managing the stock photoagency “Rupincom” (1994-2001).


Photo credit — Alexander Sliussarev, 1980.

1974 — “Małe”, Poland

1974 — “Venus”, Krakow photographic union, Krakow, Poland

1974 — III International “INFOTA” exhibition, Jičín, Czechoslovak Republic

1974 — “Vitkovice-74”, Ostrava, Czech Repbulic

1974 — “6 Bifota” (Berliner Internationale Fotoausstellung), Berlin, Germany

1974 — 18th Wichita International Salon of Photography, Photographic Union of Wichita, Wichita, USA

1975 — photography biennale “Europa75”, Spaine

1975 — “Venus”, Krakow photographic union, Krakow, Poland

1975 — Internationale Jubiläums-Foto-Ausstellung Photo-Club St Gallen, St Gallen Photoclub, St Gallen, Switzerland

1976 — “Interphoto 76”, Norwood, Australia

1976 — “Virton-76”, Virton, Belgium

1976 — “Fotosport 76”, Reus, Spain

1976 — 5eme Salon International D’art Photographique 1976, Nimes, France

1976 — IV international exhibition “INFOTA”, Jičín, Czechoslovak Republic

1976 — V Salon Portretu Artystycznego, Гданськ, Польська Народна Республіка

1975 — 4-e Salon de Photographies Nimes, Nimes, France

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1974-1976  — Salon International De Art Fotografico, Buenos-Aires, Argentina

1974-1976  — 2nd World festival of photographic arts, Belgium

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1974-1976 — International Exhibition of Pictorial Photography, Great Britain

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1974-1976 — Mississippi Valley Salon of Photography, St  Louis Camera Club, St Louis,  USA

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1974-1976 — Wichita international exhibition of photography, Wichita, USA

1974-1976 —Bordeaux, France

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1974-1976 — Coupe charles phate, France

1974-1976 — F.N.S.P.F, Paris, France

1974-1976 — Macon, France

1974-1976 — Mautes la Zolie, France

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1974-1976 — The Exhibition Photographic Society of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

1974-1976 — Natron photoclub, Maglai, Yugoslavia

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1974-1976 — Asahi Shimbun exhibition, Asahi Shimbun, Tokio, Japan

1979 — “Фотографическое искусство-79”, Moscow united committee of graphic artists, Moscow RSFSR

2009 — London Art Fair, London, Great Britain

2017 — “Харків. 18+,” Odesa//Batumi Photo Days 2017, Museum of Modern art of Odesa, Odesa, Ukraine (curator — Sergiy Lebedynskyy)

2018 — “École photographique de Kharkiv”, Kherson Museum of Modern Art, Kherson, Ukraine (curator — Victoria Bavykina)

2019 — “Харківська школа фотографії з колекції сім’ї Гриньових” (Kharkiv school of photography from Grynovs’ family collection”, Mironova Foundation gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (curator — Victoria Bavykina)

2019 — “Перетинаючи межу” (Crossing lines), PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine (curators — Björn Geldhof, Martin Kiefer, Alicia Knock)

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