At the Riga Seashore

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At the Riga Seashore
38,6x30 cm
The photographer's private archive
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On the verso side: label “Caja de Ahoros de Asturias. Salon Internacional de Navidad de Fotografia Gijon (España). entrada 440 foto 1″ and inscription ” ‘На рижском взморье’ Грунзовский Олег Станиславович ул. Матросова 8 кв. 2 Харьков 310124 СССР-USSR”

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At the Riga Seashore

Oleh Hrunzovskyi (1950, Kharkiv) — Kharkiv photographer. Graduated from The Kharkiv Institute of Engineers of Communal Construction (now  — Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy). Served at missle forces, later worked at Ukrainian State Institute of Industrial Machinery as a senior engineer.  In the 1980s got involved in the buisness of ‘luriki’ – went to collect photos for enlarging, retouching and colouring at the distant regions of the country, like Kazakhstan, Siberia and Uzberkistan. Got acquainted with Boris Mikhailov, who prompted Hrunzovskyi to try himself in art photography. Since the early 1990s gave it up, sticking to painting instead.

Photo – self-portrait, 1988.

1987 — “Ф-87”, Palace of students of Kharkiv Polytechnic University, Kharkiv, USSR


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