Selfportrait with Orchestra

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Selfportrait with Orchestra
28x35 cm
The photographer's personal archive
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On the verso side: inscription “SELFPORTRAIT WITH THE BAND (1986)”

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Selfportrait with Orchestra

Oleksandr Suprun (born 1945, Berezivka, Kharkiv oblast, Ukraine) — author from the first generation of Kharkiv school of photography. In 1962-1968 studied at the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (the National Technical University ‘Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute’ now) at the department of dynamics and strength of machines; in 1972 received a PhD degree in Technology. Worked at the All-Union institute of mine construction. As a student, in the mid-1960s, he became interested in photography. Enrolled at the regional photoclub at the House of the Amateur Artists of Trade Unions in 1967. Was a member of the Vremia group. His first solo exhibition was organized in 1973, after which the author participated in numerous contests and salons of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP). Was awarded with the distinction “Excellence FIAP” (EFIAP) in 1996. If during the first decade of his activity Suprun was concentrated mainly on straight documentary photography, in 1975 he became interested in the collage technique, which gradually replaced ‘pure’ shots. Since 1981 he is the associate professor of the Kharkiv Art and Industry Institute (now the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts).


Photo credit — Valerii Baitoldzhy, 1995.

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