IV From the Life of Pipes

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IV From the Life of Pipes
38,3x26,4 cm
Photographer's archive
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On the verso side: in the lower left corner—inscription “IV Из жизни труб Харьков 1983 Зубков Е” and the author’s signature

Key words
chain-link fencepiperoof

About the artist

IV From the Life of Pipes

Yevgen Zubkov (b. 1950)—a Kharkiv photographer. In 1973 graduated from the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (The National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” today) and later started working as an engineer in VNDIPIChormet—Energoochystka (All-Union Research Institute of Black Metal—Ecological Certification Body). In the 1970s got engaged in photography, periodically earning a living with freelance commercial shootings. Gradually developed interest in art photography and got acquainted with the members of the Vremia group: at the so-called “Photobalka” (informal art market, where photographic enthusiasts used to gather) he first met Evgeniy Pavlov. Later he changed his occupation and got a job as a photographer at the Research Institute of Automatics in 1979-1983. His creative arsenal at that period included a wide range of techniques and approaches—from straight photography to overlays; a significant part of his artwork from the 1980s consisted of geometric street scenes.

In 1996 Zubkov moved to Canada, where he lived till 2015, finally returning to Ukraine.


Photo credits—Yevgen Zubkov, 1985.


Solo exhibitions:

2000 – See Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2005 – River Site cafe, Toronto, Canada

2009 – art café Tango, Toronto, Canada

2020 – “За далью — даль / Distance After Distance”, “Мистецтво Слобожанщини”, Kharkiv, Ukraine


Group exhibiotns:

1987 – a show together with Oleg Davydov, Volodymyr Nikityuk, Dmytro Ovsiankin, Mikhailo Perper, House of Architectors, Kharkiv, USSR

1991 – exhibition of the Ukrainian Photoartists of Ukraine, Kharkiv Art Museum, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1996 – “Україна в об’єктиві / Ukraine Through the Lens Of”, a show together with Oleksandr Suprun, Evgeniy Pavlov, Ukrainian National Federation of Canada, Ontario, Canada


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