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ca. 40x30 cm
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On the verso side: inscription “Power station Felix Dzerzhinsky (it has been operating since 1926) 1992. Miusynsk. Luhansk Obkast Ukraine. Edition 1/3 + 2ap. Yuri Nesterov” and artist’s signature

About the artist


Yurii Nesterov (1954, Krasnyi Luch /now Khrustalny/, Luganskaya oblast) — Ukrainian photographer. As a child, got interested in photography. In 1971-1975 studied mechanical engineering at Kommunarsk Mining-Metallurgical Institute (now — Donbas State Technical University). During the same period attended the photoclub “Prometheus”. In 1979 received the diploma of “Photodebut” contest. In 1987 moved to Luhansk, where was one of active organizers of the photographic life – in the early 1990s initiated the foundation of the local Union of Photoartists. In 1997 moved to Kyiv, where worked as a photographer of various periodicals and as a director of the photoservices, namely, those of «Коммерсантъ» (Україна). The participant of the numerous contests and group exhibitions the former USSR, Ukraine, Chech Repuiblic, Poland, former Yugoslavia and in Mexico.

Solo exhibitons:

1999 — Museum of history and culture of Luhansk, Luhansk, Ukraine

1999 – “Teure Vergangenheit” , Kunstraum Café Mitterhofer, San-Candido, Italy

2005 — “Der Himmmel über Kiev”, Kunstraum Café Mitterhofer, San-Candido, Italy

2005 — Headquarters of European Bank of Rational Foundation, London, Great Britain

2008 — Espacio Orienta Foto, Zaragoza, Spain

2009 — “Die Wiege der Russischen Revolution” , Kunstraum Café Mitterhofer, San-Candido, Italy

2013 — “Жертва і доля. Вимір національного існування”, National Museum-Memorial of Victims of the Occupation Regimes “Prison on Łącki”, Lviv, Ukraine

2018 — “Juri Nesterov: Ein Ukrainischer Fotograf”, Kunstraum Café Mitterhofer, San-Candido, Italy

2019 — “A Life: Pictures from Ukraine ”, Kunstraum Café Mitterhofer, San-Candido, Italy


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