“Lilies” by Alexander Chekmenev


In 1999, in the psychiatric clinics of the town of Ovruch in Ukraine, Alexander Chekmenev shoots “Lilies” – the series of gripping black and white portraits. The project that has become the classics of Ukrainian photography, sets an important example of the humanistic approach to people, who don’t fit in the settled boundaries of ‘normality’.


Alexander Chekmenev “Lilies”

First edition, 2020
MOKSOP, moksop.org
Photography and text: Alexander Chekmenev
Ukrainian translation: Oleksandra Osadcha
English translation: Volha Mikhnovich
Endpaper: Andriy Yermolenko
Retoucher: Andriy Lomakin
Design: Calin Kruse / FLUUT Grafik-Design
Editor: Sergiy Lebedynskyy
ISBN: 978-3-947922-04-8
Print run: 500 copies + 50 limited edition copies with artist print
Size: 200×240 mm (two blocks, 64 and 56 pages).

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© 2020 all artwork by Alexander Chekmenev
© 2020 Museum of Kharkiv School of Photography for this edition

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