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30,4х25,6 cm
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On the verso side inscription “Фото: Григорий Окунь 1988 г. из серии ‘Родом из народа’ 1988-93 гг.” and the artist’s signature

About the artist


Grygoriy Okun (b. 1957, Kharkiv) is a Kharkiv photographer, who became a part of the local photographic community in the 1980s. In 1973-1976 studied at the construction college 22 (today—Educational institution “Regional Centre for Professional Education of Innovative Technologies in Construction and Industry”), where was teaching till 1981, after completing compulsory army service. In 1981-1984 studied construction engineering at Kharkiv Construction Engineering Institute (Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture today). The same years he worked as a graphic artist of the Palace of Culture of KhEMZ. It was the period when Grigoriy started practicing commercial and art photography and actively communicating with local authors. In 1984-2000 worked as a graphic artist and photographer at the 3rd public school, and later, in 2000-2003, worked on the production of forms for flexography. In 2003 moved to Bremen, Germany, where resides and works as a photographer and designer today. Since 2009 he has been a member of the German Photography Association  (DVF).

Solo exhibitions:

1992 — together with Roman Pyatkovka, “Fotohuset” gallery, Göteborg, Sweden

2000 — “Молитва / Prayer”, Kharkiv Fine Arts Museum, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2004 — “Пластилиновая улица или мои игрушки / Plasticine Street or My Toys”, “Палитра” gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2019 — “Отпечаток времени 80х90 / Zeitstempel 80х90”, Central Library, Bremen, Germany


Group exhibitions:

1987 — “Ф-87”, Palace of students of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Kharkiv, USSR (organized by Misha Pedan)

1987 — “Ф-87”, Palace of students of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Kharkiv, USSR (organized by Misha Pedan)

1991 — Centennial anniversary exhibition of the Kharkiv Photographic Association (together with Viktor Kohetov, Leonid Konstantinov, Mykola Yeltosv),  Kharkiv Fine Arts Museum, Kharkiv, Ukraine

1996 — “Убежище / Shelter”, “Напротив” gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine (curator — Roman Pyatkovka)

1996 — “Хроніка арту. Харків. 80-90-і роки / Art Chronicles. Kharkiv. 80’s-90’s”, Харківська міська художня галерея ім. С. Васильківського, Харків, Україна

2001 — “Проект: Музей Фотографии / Project: Museum of Photography,” Municipal gallery Kharkiv, Ukraine (curator — Tetiana Pavlova)

2005 — “Innensicht”, Museum for Industrial Culture, Nuremberg, Germany

2008 — “БобФест / BobFest”, Kharkiv, Ukraine (curator — Andrii Avdeenko)


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Okun, Grigoriy.  Drei traurige Reportagen.  Самвидав, 2019.

Okun, Grigoriy.  Gebet.  Самвидав, 2021.

Okun, Grigoriy.  Jerusalemer Skizzen.  Самвидав, 2018.

Okun, Grigoriy.  Metamorphosen.  Самвидав, 2021.

Okun, Grigoriy.  Zeitstempel 80×90.  Самвидав, 2017.




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