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160x104 cm
дарунок автора
Additional notes
archival pigment print на баритовому папері Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta, 315 г/см2
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On the verso side: inscription “Sergey Melnitchenko ‘Schwarzenegger is my idol’ (2012-2013) Kharkiv ukraine 2019 Edition 1/3 MOKSOP” and author’s signature

About the artist

Sergey Melnitchenko (1991, Mykolaiv) — Ukrainian photographer. Got interested in photography in 2009. The core of his creative arsenal is defined by staged shooting method, although some of his projects are documentary ones. Since the teenager Sergey used to be a professional dancer, and performed abroad, namely in China. It was in China where he created a number of series, like Behind the Scenes (2016), for which he recieved Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award (2017). Other awards Melnithcenko has been honoured with are «Фотограф Року» [Photographer of the year], 2012, 2013, 2016 and “Золота Камера” [Golden Camera] (Kyiv, Ukraine). Was shortlisted for Krakow Photomonth (2013), “Off_Festival Bratislava” (2014), “Pinchuk Art Center Prize (2015), Batumi Photodays and Kolga Tbilisi Photo Award (2018), Second Biennale of Young Art (2019) and nomnated on Foam Paul Huf Award (2020). Founder and the platform for conceptual and art photography — MYPH (Mykolaiv Young Photographers, school, gallery, group) in his native Mykolaiv. Member of UPHA — Ukrainian Photographic Alternative. MOKSOP published his “Schwarzenegger is my idol” series as a photobook in March 2020.


Photo credit — Roman Pashkovskiy.

Solo exhibitions

2012 — “Nails”, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

2013 — “Schwarzenegger Is My Idol”, Lviv, Ukraine

2013 — “Schwarzenegger Is My Idol”, as a part of Krakow Photomonth, Krakow, Poland

2014 — “Les Amours Imaginaries”, Odesa Museum of Modern Art, Odesa, Ukraine, Closer space, Kyiv, Ukraine

2014 — “Military Commissariat”, Estudio Ñ, Valdivia, Chili

2014 — “Schwarzenegger Is My Idol”, Fiebre gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014 — “Schwarzenegger Is My Idol”, as a part of Off_Festival Bratislava 2014 festival, Bratislava. Slovakia

2015 — “Les Amours Imaginaries”, as a part of Landskrona Fotofestival, Landskrona, Sweden

2017 — “PLAYDAY”, “FACE” foundation /Mironova Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2017 — “Behind the Scenes”, Mykolaiv, Ukraine, Trzecie Oko Gallery gallery, Krakow, Poland

2017 — “Behind the Scenes”/Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2017″, as a part of Paris Photo 2017, Paris, France

2018 — “Behind The Scenes”, Claude Samuel gallery, Paris, France

2018 — “Behind the scenes”, European month of photography, Michalský dvor gallery, Bratislava. Slovakia

2018 — “Loneliness online”, SomoS gallery, Berlin, Germany

2018 — “Only Now Only Never”, FACE foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine

2018 — “Sztuka w dialogu”, Piekno Panie gallery, Lublin, Poland

2019 — “From Dusk Till Dawn”, f22 foto space, Hong Kong, China

2019 — “Шваренеггер — мій кумир”, COME IN art gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2019 — Leica gallery, London, Great Britain

2020 — “Young and free”, Leica 6×7 gallery, Warsaw, Poland (curator — Adam Mazur)



Group exhibitions

2012 — “Cult of the Body” (UPHA — Ukrainian Photographic Alternative exhibition), Leisure gallery, London, Great Britain (curator — Misha Pedan)

2012 — First International Cinema Festival, Sevastopol, Ukraine

2012 — First International Art Festival, Odesa, Ukraine

2013 — “Золота Камера 2012”, Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 — “Фотограф року 2012”, Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 — “Ежемесячный платёж / Кумиры”, Vita Buivid’s studio, Moscow, Russia

2013 — “Поклик до архівації”, as a part of “Візії” festival,  “Kyiv Fortress” Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 — London Analogue Festival, London, Great Britain

2013 — launching “Posterjunkies”, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013 — together with “Взгляд” group, Chernihiv, Ukraine

2013 — II International Cinema Festival, Sevastopol, Ukraine

2014 — “A Process”, Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus, Augsburg, Germany

2014 — “The Aesthetic Of Man”, Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2014 — “Ukrainian Women Complex”, Odesa, Ukraine

2014 — “UPHA в Одессе: Послевчера” (UPHA — Ukrainian Photographic Alternative exhibition), Odesa, Ukraine

2014 — “Вина”, as a part of Non Stop Media VІІ festival, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2014 — “Внутренняя Украина”, as a part of Terra Futura XIII festival, Kherson, Ukraine

2014 — “Даже не мечтай!”, IV Moscow biennale of youth art, Moscow, Russia

2014 — “Еволюція”, Uzhorod, Ukraine

2014 — “Особисте / Політичне”, as a part of Art-Kyiv Contemporary IХ festival, Kyiv, Ukraine (curator — Oleksandra Nabiieva)

2014 — “Український зігафолк”, Bereznitsky Project gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (curators — Andrii Sihuntsov and Nazar Sheshuriak)

2014 — “Терор малих відмінностей”, Municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2014 — London Analogue Festival, London, Great Britain

2015 — “Love and War in Ukraine”, Panoptikon Fotografins hus, Stockholm, Sweden (curator — Misha Pedan)

2015 — “Mama, I’ve Just Killed A Man”, Erratum gallery, Berlin, Germany

2015 — “Part 4” (разом з Романом Пятковкою), Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

2015 — “Гра в реальність”, as a part of GogoFest, Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 — “Зато Любов”, “Соус” gallery, Kherson, Ukraine

2015 — “Подія” (together Andrii Konontsev), Zlin, Czech Republic

2015 — “Slideluck Show”, Oakland, California, США

2015 — “Ukrainian Photography: In Progress”, as a part of Odessa//Batumi Photo Days 2015, Odesa, Ukraine

2015 — “Гібридна реальність”, Modern Art Research Institute of National Academy of Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine (curator — Kseniia Lytvynenko)

2015 — Feira Morta V, Lisbon, Portugal

2015 — winner’s exhibition of Photo Annual Awards 2015, Teplice, Czech

2015 — shortlist of PinchukArtCentre Prize, PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 — “Pasa Página: Zilele Carții de Artist la Chișinău / Days of the Artist´s Book”, Chișinău, Moldova

2016 — “The Smell Of Dust”, as a part of Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles, France

2016 — Freierfest, Odesa, Ukraine

2017 — “Photographie Contemporaine d’Ukraine”, Centre Culturel d’Ukraine En France, Paris, France

2017 — “The Smell Of Dust III”, Sao Paolo, Brasil

2017 — exhibition of two winning projects of “Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2017”, as a part of Photolux Festival, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

2017 — Little Odessa gallery, Paris, France

2017 — screening of “Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2017″, as a part of Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles, France

2018 — “DEBUTS episode 2”, Sopot Photography Festival, Sopot, Poland

2018 — “DEBUTS episode 3”, as a part of Vintage Photo Festival, Bydgoszcz, Poland

2018 — “Off Limits pt.2”, as a part of Odesa Photo Days, Chernivtsi, Ukraine

2018 — “Off Limits pt.3”, as a part of Odesa Photo Days Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine

2018 — “Off Limits”, as a part of Odesa Photo Days Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine

2018 — “Sensitive Surface 2.0”, Vasli Souza photogallery, Olso, Norway

2018 — “So sweet Ukraine”, screening in the programme of Suwon Photo Festival, Suwon, South Korea

2018 — “So sweet Ukraine”, screening in the programme of International Photography Symposium. NIDA2018, Nida, Lithuania

2018 — “Transeúntes”, as a part of Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles, France

2018 — “Travel, Discovery, Aesthetics and Photography”, as a part of International İzmir Photo Days, İzmir, Turkey

2018 — “Fototeca Siracusana Estate Fotografia”, as a part of Med Photo Fest, Syracuse, Italy

2018 — Alghero Street Photography Awards Festival, Alghero, Italy

2018 — Batumi Photo Days, Batumo, Georgia

2018 — exhibition of winners of Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2017, as a part of Fotofestiwal Lodz –, Poland, Łdk gallery, Lodz, Poland

2018 — exhibition of winners of Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2017, Leica gallery, Wetzlar and Berlin, Germany

2018 — Millerntor Gallery #8, Hamburg, Germany

2018 — International contest “Kolga Tbilisi Photo Award 2018”, Tbilisi, Georgia

2018 — photoscreening Night, “Tsekh” gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2018 — Maribor photography festival, Maribor, Slovenia

2019 — “Between Fire and Fire: Ukrainian Art Now”, Semperdepot, Vienna, Austria

2019 — “DEBUTS episode 4”, as a part of Krakow Photomonth, Krakow, Poland

2019 — “Love, Lust & Fury”, Klaipeda CCC, Klaipeda, Lithuania (curator — Darius Vaičekauskas, co-curator — Galyna Gleba)

2019 — “Through the Lens: Unbending Life”, Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA), Chicago, USA

2019 — “UPHA IN DA OFFICE”, office of “Starlight media”, Kyiv, Ukraine

2019 — “face2face exhibition” (together with MYPH collective), “8 Причал” space, Mykolaiv, Ukraine

2019 — “UPHA Made in Ukraine”, AKT art space, Kyiv, Ukraine (curators — Victoria Bavykina, Maksim Horbatskiy, Yarolsav Solop, art director — Misha Buksha)

2019 — “Інверсія пам’яті”, Mironova Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2019 — “Перетинаючи межу” (Crossing lines), PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine (curators — Björn Geldhof, Martin Kiefer, Alicia Knock)

2019 — “Daring youth – mostra fotografica”, Open Art Week, Museum Palazzo della Penna, Perugia, Italy

2019 — “Политическое – как персональное. Персональное – как публичное”, Mykolaiv, Ukraine

2019 — Let us in: together, Paris, France (curators — Taras Sereda, Sebastien Lepev, Andrii Sihuntsov)

2019 — Second Biennale of Young Art, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2019 — “The Body of Propaganda”, Latvian Museum o Photography, Riga, Latvia (curator — Katerina Radchenko)

2020 — “Chamber of:», Lou Carter gallery, Paris, France

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