Rodion Prokhorenko

Rodion Prokhorenko (b. 1996, Donetsk)—a Kharkiv artist. In 2012 began his trainin at the Donetsk Art College. Due to the outbreak of the war on the East of Ukraine he moved together with his parent to Kharkiv, where enrolled the local art college. In 2019 graduate from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.
In 2017, together with Svitlana Koshelieva created a photo club, which has been functioning as a photo laboratory and studio of analogue photography “Vinol” since 2020. Lectures at the Chekachkov Photo Academy.

2017-2018 — winter International Land-Art Symposium “Міфогенез / Mythogenesis”, Mohrytsya, Ukraine

2018 — presentation of a video performance as a part of work within “Лабораторією Ненаправлених Дій / Laboratory of Undirected Actions”, curated by Kostiantin Zorkin, Hudpromloft, Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, Kharkiv, Urkaine

2018 — curated exhibition “Це не мистецтво / It ain’t Art” of founders and residents of Vinol photo community, Hudpromloft, Hudpromloft, Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, Kharkiv, Urkaine

2018 — work as a part of “Код міста” programme, Kostiantynivka, Ukraine

2018 — “Анатомія симулякра / Anatomy of Simulacrum,” as a part of XI platform “Новітні спрямування,” Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine (curator — Andrii Sydorenko, Oleksandra Khalepa)

2019, 2021 —summer nternational Land-Art Symposium “Могриця / Mohrytsya”, Mohrytsya, Ukraine

2020 — “Ті на самоті / Those Alone”, online exhibition, organised as a part of “Конкурсу візуальних щоденників / Contest of Visual Diaries” initiated by Chekachkov Photo Academy


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