Photobook “Schwarzenegger is my idol” by Sergey Melnitchenko has been published

“Schwarzenegger is my idol” is a second book by MOKSOP publishing.
It’s a story of the ’80s-’90s generation, rasied on Hollywood blockbasters.


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“Лілії” Олександра Чекменьова

Roland Barthes, “La chambre claire. Note sur la photographie” (Ukrainian translation)

“La chambre claire” also known in its English and Ukrainian translation as “Camera lucida” is the last book by the French philosopher and literary theorist Roland Barthes published just several months before his death. The author explores the medium of photography and also reflects on the death of his mother. Barthes transforms a cultural analysis of photography into phenomenological. According to him, photography can pierce the veil of symbolic codes of language and culture, thus existing beyond the semiotics and affecting the body as much as the mind.

Nadiia Bernard-Kovalchuk, «Kharkivsʹka shkola fotohrafiyi: hra proty aparatu» (Ukrainian edition)

The first monography on the Kharkiv School of Photography that reveals multiple sources and experimental nature of the photographic work of one of the brightest phenomena in the Ukrainian contemporary art.

Харківська школа фотографії: гра проти апарату
“Лілії” Олександра Чекменьова

“Lilies” by Alexander Chekmenev

In 1999, in the psychiatric clinics of the town of Ovruch in Ukraine, Alexander Chekmenev shoots “Lilies” – the series of gripping black and white portraits. The project that has become the classics of Ukrainian photography, sets an important example of the humanistic approach to people, who don’t fit in the settled boundaries of ‘normality’.

“Schwarzenegger is my idol” by Sergey Melnitchenko

“Schwarzenegger is my idol” is a story of the 1980s-1990s generation raised on Hollywood blockbusters. The series was taken in 2012 by Sergey Melnitchenko, a photographer from Mykolaiv, a city on the South of Ukraine. It features a group of young men, deeply passionate for sports, who are turning their teenage craze into a compass through the suffocating atmosphere of the Post-Soviet provincial town.

“KOCHETOV” by Victor and Sergey Kochetov

Was there sex in the USSR? How difficult was it to buy sausage back then? What is Horizontomania? MOKSOP debuts with photobook “KOCHETOV” by father and son Victor and Sergey Kochetov.

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