New photobook of MOKSOP “Schwarzenegger is my idol” by Sergey Melnitchenko

18, March 2020
The second photobook of MOKSOP «Schwarzenegger is my idol» by Sergey Melnitchenko, a young photographer from Mykolaiv, Ukraine, has been published. This book shows the part of our history, the generation of transitional 1980s-1990s raised on Hollywood blockbusters. The series was taken in 2012; it features a group of young men, deeply passionate for sports, who are turning their teenage craze into a compass through the suffocating atmosphere of the Post-Soviet provincial town. The designer of the book is Calin Kruse, the founder of dienacht Magazine + Publishing). The text is by Oleksandra Osadcha, curator and researcher of the museum. You can order the book online.
Sergey Melnitchenko, Sergiy Lebedynskyy and Calin Kruse at optimal media GmbH print house (Röbel, Germany)

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